Welcome national organizers and national organizations! Thank you for your important work in supporting local organizing efforts and advancing national strategies in key moments. We hope you were able to spend some time on the section titled Collaborative Solidarity in the report. The concept of Collaborative Solidarity was co-created by several organizers in the black trans community doing black liberation work. Elle Hearns, Aaryn Lang and J Mase created this practice out of their experience of their relationship between black cis gendered people, more specifically, black transgendered women. What we know to be true not only in this case, but across race, class and gender is when you show up with humility, clarity and readiness to serve as a resource, the results can be transformative – both during the uprising and in terms of shifting the enduring crisis.

We encourage you join our Community of Practice in order to share your learnings, drive this work forward, and connect with other national organizers who are working for racial justice. At the top of this page you also see examples of possible system delivery models for Rapid Response moments. These are theoretical models that need practical application and refinement. Below you will find a recap of some of the core take-aways for national partners on types of racialized violence. Lastly, we encourage you to read through the Charlottesville Case Study!

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For more information on this chart, please download our report.