Welcome local organizers! Every member of the WOL team who worked on this report has been in your shoes. Some of us spend our days differently now, but we know intimately the challenges you face whether your city is in an emergency crisis right now or you’re starting to build a network to prepare for the long haul.

As you scroll down, you’ll find some tools that offer very basic support - but we’re working on innovating all the time, and we’d love your feedback. If you have capacity, consider joining our Community of Practice to share your wisdom with others. Below you’ll find...

  • An expanded definition of the movement cycle to help you determine your current status

  • A checklist of key questions to ask during a trigger moment and/or uprising

  • Coming Soon: A sample action map to help coordinate roles and responsibilities in the run-up to an action

Note: If your city is currently in an Uprising, and you are in urgent need of capacity-building and triage support, please email